OMCF Singapore


I give thanks to God for my first mission trip to Vietnam. During the trip, although every day was packed with activities, I enjoyed being involved in every single one of them. I treasure the unity and closeness of brothers and sisters as one family. We did many things together, for example, we shared, worshipped, played games and ate with one another.

As it was my first mission trip, I did not know what to expect. Although the spiritual trainings were more challenging than expected, they were necessary and beneficial to my spirit. I used to neglect the importance of spiritual practices and trainings because I thought that they were just an add-on to my daily life. Also, I could just wait for the day where I would have my resurrected body and be naturally good at worship. However, one of the meetings renewed my concept about spiritual practices and trainings. I learned that if I do not put in the effort to train my spirit, my spirit will be in a bad condition and I will miss out on many opportunities to experience God on earth. This point made me realise the importance of spiritual trainings and motivated me to do the practices. Moreover, I learned more about different personalities and understood better from others’ perspectives through an activity we did. Even though the activity was simple, brothers and sisters’ answers revealed how differently we think and process information. I became more aware of my personality and understood why I or others behave in a certain way. This showed that our spirit and our actions are interconnected and training our spirit would help our lifestyle, and vice versa.