OMCF Singapore


I enjoyed listening to one of the Sunday messages about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. The message made me realise that there is no other love like Jesus’; no one else will be with me in times both good and bad, through thick and thin. His love is patient, true, and full of acceptance. He accepts all my limitations and weaknesses and He wants to partake in my life regardless of my condition.

I treasure Jesus’ way of expressing His love and understanding towards me. He was willing to experience far greater challenges, temptations, and sufferings than anyone else could endure during His life journey on earth, and they were all for me. As long as I am living, I will encounter temptations and challenges as it is impossible for anyone to escape from things that closely surround us. However, despite knowing that all these challenges are awaiting me, I can still give thanks for I have the Lord with me at every stage of my life. Whenever I feel weak and without strength, the Lord is here to wash my feet and strengthen me to walk on this life journey with Him.