There was a time when I felt burdened and frustrated at an unfinished report that I had been working on for days. I felt stuck and did not know how to continue writing. However, the worship meeting that I joined that evening strengthened and nourished my heart. We sang the song “By You, the Best is Now”. Through the lyrics “You are with me now. Your love is surrounding me. You’re loving me, embracing me”, the Lord reminded me that He was with me and embracing me at that very moment. I felt that I was warmly embraced by the Lord and all my burdens were lifted. At that moment, all I wanted was to stay in the Lord’s warm embrace. Because of the worship, I was cheered up and I gained the strength to go on with the rest of my day. It is amazing how the Lord can uplift my spirit and cheer me up instantly when I exercise my faith to believe that He is with me and is embracing me.