OMCF Singapore


In the past, I thought experiencing God was a very complicated process and I may not always experience Him. Sometimes I feel that He is near to me yet sometimes He seems far away. However, I learned that I do not experience Him based on my feelings, but on the truths. Whether I feel it or not, He is real and He is always with me. When I realise this more, I am able to notice clearer His active presence in my daily life.

For example, I experienced how God takes good care of me even in the most minor matters. There were a few times where I was rushing to get home before it rained as I had forgotten to bring my umbrella. I prayed to God that I could reach home in time. The rain poured down the moment I stepped under the sheltered walkway that leads to my house. The first time it happened I thought I was just lucky, however, the second time the same thing happened, I knew that God was taking care of me. He truly causes all things to work for my good.

On other occasions, when I faced challenges, I gained peace in my heart when I prayed, knowing that God is with me. On days where life seems normal and repetitive, experiencing His special presence makes me feel joyful and uplifted. This joy that I experience does not stem from optimistic beliefs, but it is from God and is grounded in Him.

These personal experiences I have with God every day, time and again, assure me that He is true. He is the closest to me and is fully involved in my life.