OMCF Singapore


In one of the worship meetings, we sang a hymn named ‘Manifold Evidence’. The lyrics describe the Lord Jesus’ various expressions of love towards me. His love expressions are manifested through His creations, the Bible, His love journey on earth, His death on the cross, and our union. I am touched that His love expressions are increasingly personal and direct. It shows that the Lord is eager and passionate to tell me how much He loves me. He truly wants to pour out His heart to me and love me with His all. The Lord really desires me to hear and know His love expressions and words of love. Dear Lord, I treasure that I can live in love with you!

This is something that I wrote after the worship:

First, You used the creations.
Then, You sent prophets. But these weren’t enough.
Then, You Yourself came to the earth and died for me. But it was still not enough.
Finally, You live in my heart.
You tell me directly how much You love me.
Even without words, I can hear Your love words.
We are so close; we can feel each other.
Now, You are most satisfied.