I was a Catholic for over 40 years, but all along, I was inconsistent in joining church meetings. The outbreak of COVID-19 sparked fear in my heart as I thought that the end of the world is near. In June 2020, I was invited by a sister to join church meetings to learn about the end-time prophecies in the Bible. Since then, I attended church meetings and prayed with sisters consistently. I experienced peace from God more often, which caused me to feel less uncertain and afraid of what is to come in the future.

As I used to be very superstitious, I spent a lot of money so that I could ward off disturbances from the evil spirits. Now, I do not have to use my own means to avoid the evil spirits because I know about Jesus’ power and salvation – I can always pray to Him to cast the evil spirits away. By relying on Jesus, I have gained true peace and joy.

I give thanks to God that through joining more church fellowship and reading the Bible more frequently with the sisters, I am better at discerning right from wrong and wiser in handling situations, and I have greater faith in God. Being in God’s family for the past year has caused me to grow so much more spiritually. I hope that I can be closer to God and to brothers and sisters!