For one of the University Campus Fellowships, we shared our experiences where we initially complained to God during our academic journey but eventually realised He has a plan for us. When listening to the sharings, I was touched that the Lord prepared a unique university experience for each one of us. None of us was in the same circumstances, yet every one of us could experience His personal love and comfort in our own journey.

In my last semester at university, I challenged myself to take a module by a knowledgeable professor who expects his students to have deep critical analysis skills. At first, I was hesitant in signing up for the module but I prayed to the Lord and told Him that I will take the module if He allows me to be enrolled in this oversubscribed module. I was enrolled and I had faith that the Lord will be with me in this challenging period. However, I got a C for my first essay (I had to write 5 essays and the best 4 essays will be counted towards the final grade). I felt disheartened that the Lord allowed this to happen although I had placed my trust in Him. I started to doubt God’s plan and whether taking this module was indeed the best for me. Amidst the confusion, I decided to trust God again, asking Him to perform a miracle on me and reveal how these things that I am going through would benefit me. Miraculously, I performed well in all my remaining essays. Although I learned a lot about Singapore society from this module and how to write effectively, the most important lesson I learned is to trust in the Lord again and again. Although it is good that I have a satisfactory end result, I strive to have faith in the Lord even in times when the immediate or foreseeable outcome appears inadequate. I want to trust in the perfect and almighty one who plans and oversees my life journey.

A letter I wrote to the Lord after the University Campus Fellowship:

My Lord, you know well all my labour and afflictions
You know when I am hungry and weary.
You held onto me when I was about to lose hope,
You touched my heart again when I was pondering under the fig tree, reaffirming that You know it all and You will take control.
I will try and learn to trust You regardless of the final outcome because You will give me the best.