OMCF Singapore


I believed in God from a young age. However, I stopped going to church for more than 10 years. As a result, when I started to attend church meetings again, I did not know what it means to draw near to God, or how to do it. Through cell groups and partner time with sisters, I gradually understood the importance of drawing near to God. The moments where I experience spiritual growth as I draw close to God are so wonderful! I am able to feel God’s presence and experience His touching love. This is something that I wrote as a thanksgiving to God for finding me when I was lost and guiding me step by step to experience Him:

主啊! 你最了解我。

Lord! You know me the best.
When I ask for help and seek for the truth, You will comfort and respond to me in a gentle way.
Thank you for becoming the Savior of my life.
You are the good portion in my life.