OMCF Singapore

Vietnam mission trip – helping myself, helping others – Daniel

I give thanks to God for my first mission trip to Vietnam. During the trip, although every day was packed with activities, I enjoyed being involved in every single one of them. I treasure the unity and closeness of brothers and sisters as one family. We did many things together, for example, we shared, worshipped, […]

I can give thanks even in sufferings – Jacob

I have been suffering from an autoimmune disease for more than 6 years. This illness causes my joints to be inflamed and causes me a lot of pain. It has affected my daily life – even simple actions such as opening the door or holding a pen are painful and difficult for me. Hence, I […]

The Lord is my Strength – Gwendolyn

I enjoyed listening to one of the Sunday messages about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. The message made me realise that there is no other love like Jesus’; no one else will be with me in times both good and bad, through thick and thin. His love is patient, true, and full of acceptance. He […]

I treasure living in love with God – Ethan

In one of the worship meetings, we sang a hymn named ‘Manifold Evidence’. The lyrics describe the Lord Jesus’ various expressions of love towards me. His love expressions are manifested through His creations, the Bible, His love journey on earth, His death on the cross, and our union. I am touched that His love expressions […]

My daily experiences with God – Dawn

In the past, I thought experiencing God was a very complicated process and I may not always experience Him. Sometimes I feel that He is near to me yet sometimes He seems far away. However, I learned that I do not experience Him based on my feelings, but on the truths. Whether I feel it […]

I can be calm amidst difficult situations – Leo

In one of my previous jobs, I had to deal with difficult personalities. Sometimes, insensitive and derogatory remarks were directed at me. When I shared these experiences with my colleagues, they were angry for my sake. However, to my surprise, I did not feel hateful or angry. Instead, I was composed and continued to do […]

I found the meaning of my life – Hui Yan

In the past I had no idea about God and lived for myself. Although I had a good job and a few friends, deep in my heart I felt lonely, inferior and depressed. I even thought of ending my life. Meeting the Christians from OMCF was my life’s turning point. Through them I know God […]

From fear to peace – Jing Shan

I used to be afraid of ghosts. During the lunar 7th month, I would be scared and anxious for almost the whole month. I would be afraid to stay up alone or get up to use the washroom at night. I would also avoid going out after sunset. I remember avoiding swimming and CCA camps […]