I decided to trust God again – Genelle

For one of the University Campus Fellowships, we shared our experiences where we initially complained to God during our academic journey but eventually realised He has a plan for us. When listening to the sharings, I was touched that the Lord prepared a unique university experience for each one of us. None of us was […]

I am not alone – Clarie

One of the times where I received love from brothers and sisters was during my O-Level. A few days before O-Level started, a sister came to my house to pass me a card with well wishes from brothers and sisters. I was surprised to receive the card because the sister was willing to travel to […]

The Lord found it worthy to die for me – Noemi

I enjoy attending bread-breaking meetings (BBM) every Sunday because I am reminded of God’s love for me. I also enjoy having fellowship with brothers and sisters as I can listen to their prayers, especially for those whom I rarely get the chance to interact with due to the pandemic. In a recent BBM, I was […]

God hears me – Martin

In the past when I prayed, I did not feel heard. However, after joining meetings in this church, I could experience God more as I know that God hears and answers my prayers. For example, my prayers to God about my English and Mathematics grades were heard as my grades for these subjects have improved […]

Because of God, I can smile in all situations – Caley

Our emotions can be easily affected by the things that occur around us everyday. These things may either be in or out of our control; especially so for the latter if it involves interactions with others. For example, as a teacher, it is almost impossible for me to accurately predict my students’ condition since it […]

I no longer misunderstand God’s love to me – Aaron

I knew God from a young age as my parents are Christians. However, while growing up, I had bad attitudes – I hated the world, my friends, my family and also God. This is because I had a lot of struggles in my life and I blamed God for them. I felt lonely as I […]

God changed my relationship with my family members – Yu Xin

In the past, I believed that there are many gods because everyone worshipped different gods. I have been to many temples in Singapore and Penang and I prayed to many of them but I did not feel any peace in my heart. I also lied a lot when I was younger and I had a […]

I can be set free in God’s family – Jasmine

My church life has brought a great change to my social life and personality as a whole. When I first moved to Singapore 3 years ago, I was not an outgoing and cheerful person. I was really quiet and shy during the first two years. As I met with brothers and sisters in church every […]