I enjoy being with God’s family – Hailey

I enjoy being with God’s family. Every Sunday afternoon, we have a “Fun and Friends” time where I get to learn, have fun, and bond with the sisters and new friends. Not only do we play many interesting games, we also learn Spanish together! Being with God’s family also helped me to learn more about […]

The Love and Fun in God’s Family – Estelle

Being in God’s family, and pursuing with brothers and sisters of all ages have caused me to experience love and fun. Even a game as simple as Jenga has brought us so much laughter and joy! God’s family is indeed full of love! When I am in the midst of my busy schedule, such as […]

Enjoy God’s family – Elsie

I enjoy learning about God, praying, worshiping, and playing together with a group of friends and older sisters. The older sisters also take very good care of me.