The love in God’s family melts my heart – Florence

I felt very sick when I was infected by COVID-19 and I experienced the love and care from brothers and sisters. When I was in quarantine, I felt grateful and supported because of the gifts, messages of care and concern, and prayers from brothers and sisters. My sisters in Christ are working mothers who have […]

I have gained true peace and joy – Maria

I was a Catholic for over 40 years, but all along, I was inconsistent in joining church meetings. The outbreak of COVID-19 sparked fear in my heart as I thought that the end of the world is near. In June 2020, I was invited by a sister to join church meetings to learn about the […]

Drawing close to God is my wonderful moment – Esther

I believed in God from a young age. However, I stopped going to church for more than 10 years. As a result, when I started to attend church meetings again, I did not know what it means to draw near to God, or how to do it. Through cell groups and partner time with sisters, […]

Morning worships are the manna of my spirit – Yoong Pyng

I give thanks for the daily online morning worships. Joining these morning worships is like having a spiritual morning breakfast with brothers and sisters and God. While my heart is enjoying the hymns that express the affection of God, I can also taste the fruits of brothers and sisters’ worship which refresh my spirit and […]

God is my Closest Friend – Candra

In the past when I joined worship, I felt that I needed to be careful in how I pray to God and that I need to pray without any mistakes for God is so great. This mindset hindered me from voicing out during worship and it became a burden to me as brothers and sisters […]

God listened to my prayers – Vivian

Before I became a Christian, I experienced God answering my prayers. In 1990 during my 3 months’ vacation in the UK with a Christian friend, I stayed with a group of Christians and from them I knew that I can pray or ask Jesus for help anytime and anywhere I want. I also witnessed how […]